Okay rules are simple. Your job is to read (: Especially to bloghoppers, stalk me all you want okay? and a shoutout to those who don't really know me, you will find me extremely open minded cause things tend to get personal. I don't mind telling people how life is since I don't really care what people say. Whatsmore, i'm not like other teenagers who cares about being in the "IN" crowd. Popularity is just not in my book. I can be awesome, but it depends.

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Friday, October 12, 2012 @ 10:12 AM

Elated. Today marks the last day of my internship. I am so very grateful to everyone. I bought gifts for them so that they will remember me :) Yes. I literally carried 12 glasses to work all in one hand. LOL. I went to daiso and did a fast game shopping yesterday. My hand hurts already but it's okay since I will have a solid 10 days break. Plenty of dates to look forward to. Like jogging+swimming dates with my sister, makan date with my bestfriends and all that jazz. Mmhmm can't wait! Triple the celebration today. It's two of my colleague's birthday and my last day. I really love working here I'm gonna miss it.

School's gonna start and I have a few ideas in mind. StumbleUpon is by far the best website ever. It has sources that inspires me A LOT. I have a pre wedding photoshoot as well. And my husband will be oh you know who. You should lah. He's the bestest guyfriend anyone could have and he is none other than my doggone lover. Cause well I'm comfortable with him and we look perfect together so, YA. Hehehe. We've thought of a theme and I think we could pull this off even though it's something new. Stoked stoked stoked. A real make up artist will dress me up as well!!! YAYE. I feel that I am really doing a shoot for my wedding. Oh but yeah, StumbleUpon really has everything I tell you.

Talk about inspiration, I really love my phone. I am using samsung galaxy s3 and you know what, it's awesome. It fell twice, but no cracks at all. And it has everything I need. Even apps and themes that are extraordinary and fresh. Iphone users think they're all that. Bitch please even android users has themes and they're way cooler and better. We don't even need to jailbreak to get it. So my advice, buy s3. HAHAHAHA :P Okay I sound lika promoter somehow loool.

Okay i had so much fun meeting my girls. Like seriously i love my girls. I love working at raffles cause my girls are either schooling or working in this area as well. It is so convenient for us to meet and we even could do a fast game shopping or chillexing time without having the worry that we will head home late. I don't have a curfew but I hate going back home late at night. It's becoming a habit of mine but I love it. I can rest at home more also~

Well okay you know few months ago in twittah, I admit that I hate texting but it's not that I hate it. I actually love it. It's just that I hate it when people don't give me space to do my work and then text me later when I'm free. Like beetch, don't you understand that I'm busy? And I do hate it when conversations get intimate. I prefer spontaneous and fun convos you know. Those that makes me smile, laugh out loud to myself out of the blue. I love that.Hehe

Alright gotta gogogo. Adios

Monday, September 10, 2012 @ 11:41 AM

Hey! Just read an article regarding the open letter to Singapore. Well, as a saying goes, 'different people, different perspective'. You know how it feels like talking to someone that comes from different generation, yes? Thoughts clash and even arguments seem to be invalid. It's not wrong for someone to pour out how he or she feels and it's not wrong for someone to disagree on what others said. These things happen, it's human nature. Just like everyone out there, I have dreams and I would love to travel. I rather go on holidays, bring my family and friends along, enjoy my time there but I'll always come back to this place called home. Nothing's better than your staying in your apartment with your family, chillin on the sofa, watching tv, surfing the net on your bed, shopping in town with your loved ones, and all that jazz.

Even if I were to travel around the world, the things I see and experienced in Singapore will always be etched in my mind. I will never forget how I was taught to be who I am right now by my parents, teachers, and colleagues. They watched me grow. In other words, I rather think positively about the people I cherish rather than to think about how Singapore is being managed. We had only seen and heard but do we ever experience it? Do we know how much struggle every single soul went through?

To sum it up, everyone is similar in so many ways. But one's position doesn't really define anything. It's your action that defines you.

Right! So moving on...how's life for me? Well, it's all good. Discovering new places and stores in Singapore never gets old! Haha I love it. Work's a-okay! And I love being busy. As for relationships, it's cool. There's nothing to be worried about cause well I want to live a life with no strings attached. I rather go with the flow, have a special friend maybe, but I will still balance my time, go out there and have fun *winkwink
Tuesday, August 21, 2012 @ 4:42 PM
Ba dum tss.

#nowplaying Heaven - Bryan Adams cover by Boyce Avenue feat Megan Nicole

Mari mari mari offer offer! Makan makan! Lai bah! HAHA hiiiiiiiya! Omg I miss blogging. The song I'm listening to right now is my current addiction. Uhuh, ohyeah. Come on it's so sweet sia. Sweet maciam gula gula. Sweet gila nak mampus sampai boleh dapat diabetes. Hahahaha joke! BUT seriously ah. So..............hm what am i supposed to be doing again? Ah right. Since I have some free time right now lemme just update about what's literally happening in my life. Haha so basically I've been meeting my girlfriends lately. They're sucha bomb. I mean they're ze bomb. Ze bomb of my life that bombs the shizz out of people. OKAY whaaaat am i talking about? Does that even make sense? HAHA. So okay we went to seoul garden. Or in other words, shiooool garden(inside joke) and yeah, we nom-ed alot and I mean ALOT. Took everything that's on the buffet counter. NOOOO KIDDING BRO. Uhm, we are PBGs btw and no one could stop us hahehehuehuehueho! The food was mmmmdap i tell you. It's my first time there and yeah it was a great experience but still, nothing beats carousel. I plan to treat my family and girls there as soon as I'm officially working. I'm kinda jakun la hor. Can say like that lah hor. HAHA okay sorry for being sucha typical singaporean but I'm a singaporean so......it's normal unless you're a reader from the other side of the world or...yah. Today after one whole month of ramadhan I finally had lunch with my colleagues at work, it's so nice talking to people who are older than you about jobs and experiences!

I went to geylang with baby(my girlf lah bodoh) and spotted and few stuffs that are vintage. Oh yeah vintage. Before I continue, who doesn't love vintage...kindly gtfo or gdiaf. Chey just kidding! hahahahaha. Sorry, too much IM. BUT!!! Too bad the bazaar is now closed due to the festive season. More pictures can be found on my instagram. Just search ohhyeahni ;) And yeaaaaa, selamat hari raya aidilfitri to all my muslim friends. YAY dapat duet raya! Kachingchingxzxzxz $.$ Ape lagi, blanje aku ah. HAHA omg why am i like...lame semacam today. Maybe due to that mushroom burger I had. It's so gooooood. But my stomach rabak ah. I have frequent tummyaches every now and then and keep berak-ing everyday at my workplace.

Ah, the question everyone's been asking me. FAQ by my friends are, YANI ASAL KAU BREAK DGN DIA. YANI AMACIAM DGN _________. YANI KAU OKAY TAK?

Speaking of which, I'm actually doing very well in my life flying solo. Like come on, yani IS a soloist even if I'm in a relationship or not. It's heartbreaking yes, to see people come and go and not making any effort but it doesn't hurt that bad. In fact I'm starting to take things positively. We settled it peacefully, he cleared my doubts, so yeah. I've moved on. Anyway it was a hasty decision yet again for me to accept someone without knowing him well enough. I have to be cautious this time round and much more firmer. Some of my flaws are just impossible to disappear just like that. All ma homies lectured me, time and again about accepting people too fast!!! MMYES all of them. Even I'm pissed LOL. As in with myself.

I, am currently back to square one = contacting/dating. Call me a flirt call me a slut, but what's wrong with dating? It's not like we get intimate on dates. Duh uh. You don't know my story, don't judge me beetch. But actually, go ahead and judge. Like I care. Besides, I'll always make it clear that I just want to be friends and when I'm busy with school or work, the DO NOT DISTURB sign is already on my forehead so if anyone doesn't know how to respect me and my space, he is off my list. Simple as that. If I don't like you, I'll say it or I'll just leave you in silence. If I like you, I'll tell you. Getting to know me is intricate, but really, if I trust you, I'm actually simple to decode. But sometimes, I trust people too fast too hmm. Honestly, it's hard being a social butterfly, you're just too nice to everyone and poof! Dramas here and there. But that's okay, I'm getting used to this. It's just part of growing up.

Alright I know i know, my post is kinda lengthy today. AND I KNOW, that I'll always talk about relationships people and people. Sort of like a...psychologist? HAHAHA or should I say a counsellor? Hm do I have potential? HAHA. And anyway this kind of topic never gets boring among youngsters. It's something they want to learn from and I'm setting a good(and a little bit of badass and some... dumb(?)) example! OKAY in other words, I just feel like sharing with you about my mistakes. I'm not afraid to do so because I know, I'm not alone.

Ah and how's my sickness? I AM DOING GREAAAAAAAAAT! The doctor said there's nothing wrong with me(Hurrahhh!) but I still have to eat medicines(Boooo) But yeap! Alhamdulillah :) Yeeeehaw! *do the oppa gangnam style* or okay, no. Let's do the *singaporean style* instead. Now, where's my tauhuey?!!!!

#nowplaying Wannabe - Spice girls (Lyrics that sum up my love life)

"If you want my future, forget my past. If you wanna get with me better make it fast. Now don't go wasting my precious time, get your act together we could be just fine"
"If you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends, make it last forever friendship never ennnnds, if you wanna be my lover you have got to give, taking is too easy but that's the way it is"
"Say you could handle my love are you for real. I wont be hasty Ill give you a try if you really bug me then I say goodbye!"

And that's, how I treat everyone.

#nowplaying Spice up your life - Spice girls (Lyrics to sum up my day!)

SLAM IT TO THE LEFT, IF YOU'RE HAVING A GOOD TIME! Come on slam it!!!! Cause I AMMMMMMMMMMMMM HAVING A REAL GOOD TIME! Well, just from blogging and forking out money on food and getting money again for raya and having such awesome friends. Adios amigos cincaloks. Going off from work soonaz~

Ps. The 90s never gets old. 90s kid, FTW! 
Wednesday, August 01, 2012 @ 3:31 PM

So today I'll be writing about the things that I consider savvy. It's spelled wrongly here but I love this picture anyway. K so what's that? Well for you guys who are unfamiliar with how aussies speak, it's an informal way to say to understand or experience. I'm not really tech or design savvy but I am savvy enough about things that are fun andddd, not so mainstream. The ones below are actually some of my before I die thing haha. I posted a few before but I found more sexciting things that I want to do. So, yeap. I would love to understand more about people's culture and yada yada. It excites me when I chanced upon things that are not what we see everyday.  Like this for example. It's like one of the indian festivals but then again it is celebrated in some country(which is unknown to me) but it looks great. We have no such things here in Singapore. Everywhere around us is this kind of city like busy serious city and I don't want that. I want to expose myself to fun social activities.

You know me, Imma rainbow person I love colours. I am fascinated by it. Would love to do something fun like this PLUS the tomato festival for example. Oh btw i know this is off topic but I've been whatsapping alot with someone and our conversations were so silly. We talked about being a super human, roadtrips and reminiscent about our childhood. It's been so long since I felt good about myself cause I actually made someone happy :) Did you know if you're a person like me who loves being a social butterfly, loves being silly well you should go to spain. I really want to go there. I don't wanna go city of lovers anymore cause well, it's a city and it's not somewhere that you're free to do anywhere you want. I want to be free, feel free.

Another thing that I would love to try is ride a hot air balloon. If I could I would want to join a festival like this. I don't fear heights, I love heights. SO YEAH heheheheh! This picture somehow reminds me of gardens by the day. Im heading there this friday with z. Makan date and night photography. Pretty much stoked cause we plan to do so many things together so i bet it'd be a wonderful evening. I love love love to head to marina after work for a breather. It helps me to think about things. To be more laid back about life and stuffs like that. By reading my previous posts, y'all should know that I'm the type of person who would go the extra mile for someone. I have this fantasy of doing something extraordinary for someone special if I have the money in future.
Like for example I would request a few souls to do this (pic on the left) for me. I want them to 'write', 'I love you ____' in the sky with jets/planes so that the whole world could see. So sweet right? I would cry seh. Hahaha. Well if it doesn't happen then it's okay lahhhh. I won't get disappointed. I mean come on who doesn't have a wild imagination rightttt. *winks. Haih so colourpoooool. Lastly............i'll end this post with something I found on tumblr. Gifs there will always make my day by making me laugh, or by giving me inspiration to look forward or go for towards something. Somehow, I miss youtubing. It's been so long since I spent my time chillexing and just watch videos. But I've watched munahhirzi yesterday. Hubab's cute lah seriously. I love his voice, sexayyeeee.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 @ 4:27 PM

Suuuppp. Haha I know it's been AGES since I last blogged. Been busy. Very busy. Well this girl here wants me to update about her and so I shall. Well she's been my bestfriend since secondary one. She's my first friend ever and she kinda looks like me, i kinda look like her but of course she's prettier and fairer. Me got eyebag, no naise!!! hahaha. I miss this girl alot. LIKE FINALLY i get to spend some time with her yesterday. She's actually mad at me for always being fickle when it comes to boys and relationships. She know all the guys' names. Ya. But there's just too many and therefore we're both confused or should I say, lost count hahahaha!

She's been lecturing me not to get attached and yet I did. Idk I like having a boyfriend cause at least I got someone to go to if my friends are busy, someone to manja with (I can be very manja lo hahahaha!) and yaaa, someone to give me strength when I'm down and someone to talk to about anything under the sun. And I get into a relationship partly because I want to gain experience so I could deal with future downfalls or whatever.

And. Ya. You guessed it. I got attached and this time of the year....i broke up yet again. We parted simply because we're not meant to be? He might be a perfect guy....but he's not perfect for me. Neither am I perfect for him. But we're still close lah, okay lah :)

Sooooo I'm having internship now. So far so good. Alhamdulillah at least I got a job, if not I die. Hahahah. Love it here, love my colleagues. Was treated lika queen at this fancy restaurant that I dine in everyday. Bought a new phone, bought new clothes, spent my money like tap water and nowwwww I'm nearly broke. I spent more money on food actually. Seriously. Oh god. The temptation. AUMMMMM! Alright gotta gogogo, ciaooooooo. Btw I got a distinction for italian hehe happy girl!!! :D
Thursday, May 31, 2012 @ 12:33 PM

"We're still dating" is what I usually say to my friends. Well everyone is curious about my love life yes? :) Haha well. Yeah. I am dating this chef. Well you've seen his pictures right. He is someone who is like my guardian angel. He is someone I've been looking for all this while. For every girl she will always have this dream guy right? Well mine would be this. Hehe :P

Must-have list:
1) Physically mentally strong (Someone who is intelligent, wise, strong in religion and his beliefs to be my pillar of strength. I will always be there for someone, I want someone who is strong enough to be there for me. I don't want ME to be teaching a guy about things, I want HIM to teach me more. That's how I work)
2) Decent-looking (I like people who care about their hygiene, their face, their hair. Not those vainpots though, just someone who knows how to take care of their appearance and not look fake :D)
3) Tall (I'm petite, but I like tall guys. I'll feel secure)
4) Good sense of humor (This, is a must. I don't always want to be the one who makes people laugh but I want someone who is able to make me laugh and swept away by the simplest things, simplest words, simplest actions)
5) Laid-back (I hate noisy people. If you talk too much, it's really annoying. I want someone who knows when to be serious and when to joke around)
6) Optimistic and open-minded (People who is far too emotional annoy the shit outta me, I mean come on if you think going to school is depressing...........it's your problem)
7) Has ambitions (If you have ambitions, it's a good thing. You know why? Because by having ambition, you'll work towards your goal. You'll never stop at nothing to achieve your goal. That way, you'll learn how to be independent, how to face reality, how to deal with circumstances. That's how you mature. Therefore I want a guy who is mature enough to make me stronger)
8) Not the type who says 'nite/night/ily/imy/mornin' (I prefer people who says 'iloveyou, imissyou, good morning, good night'. Cause to me i feel more secure that way. Get wak amin? :D)
9) I love someone who has a complete thought about things (If you're the type who will always give one word answers like k, oh and all that, erm, sorry you're not my type. LOL)
10) Honest (Well this is a MUST. I don't like it when people hide things from me. Cause well I'm always ahead of people. I figure things fast. So if you wanna play games with me, try me. You'll end up losing. I'll end up breaking you apart. This is a dare from me to you)
12) Loyal (Loyal as in knows his stand. If I'm his girlfriend he should know his limits. He should know the difference between a girl and a girlfriend. He should know how to treat his girl different and way special than other girls. I don't mind if a guy go around socializing but he has to know his limits)
13) Gentleman (A guy MUST know how to be a man and respect a girl like how he respects his mum)
14) Someone who adores children and animals (If they know how to love those tiny things, they'll know how to love you. Well that's my theory of course hah! and anyway you wouldn't want a guy who doesn't love children right i mean come on they're so adorable! if your guy doesn't love children then in future how like that? betul tak?)
15) Someone who knows how to cook/do housechores (I, absolutely hate lazy people. And I hate guys who are dependent on girls. We girls cook and do housechores, so must you. I hate it when a guy treat us girls lika maid or something pfft)
16) Adventurous (I love travelling, I love shopping, I love to explore, so the guy must be fit and daring as well)
17) Photogenic (I adore the camera, so he must too hehehehe! If he doesn't adore the camera it's okay, I'm influential)
18) Friendly (I want the type who is able to click fast with my friends, my family. If they approve him, I'll be more than glad to be more than just friends, seriously. lol)

So okay that's it. I'm very particular and VERY cautious. I've seen alot, I've talked to guys but no one beats this guy. Okay let's not label him as this guy. His name is actually Rafi. He is the best so far. But you know what. Love is not a competition. Rafi here, happens to be my ideal guy. And I'm lucky to have him to love me, like alot. Therefore I've made up my mind. I'm choosing him. I'll date him and be loyal to one. I've developed feelings for him too so....why not right? :) I hope that he'll be my last. For my must-have list above, he passed almost everything. ALMOST. Hahahahah. :P Okay bye! But really, I like the way he is now. He's good enough being himself. I'm glad to have met him. Thank you for being there for me. Iloveyou. <3

@ 11:57 AM

I'm diagnosed with TB. I have TB = tuberculosis. Well doctor say it's due to the bacteria and it can be spread through air. BUT, it's not confirmed yet. Just suspected. The full results will be out...in 2 months time? I'm finally discharged from the hospital. Well that's the reason why I've been MIA and stuff. Anyway, I need to undergo treatment for 6 months. As in eat medicines regularly and all. It's alot I tell you. but you know, since the day I know that I have this, I've already accepted the fact to expect the unexpected. Life doesn't go our way, it just happen.

I'm in 3rd year poly, my final year, I have 2 more projects and internship to go, but based on my condition now, I simply can't. I'm not physically strong to do so. There's water in my lungs and they have to drain it out. They took out the tube already though but it still hurts like mad. Like hello there's a hole in my lungs and my body how can it not hurt right? Hahah. But ya it hurts. Lol you must be thinking then why am i here writing this post right? Well, I just feel that I need to tell you guys about this. I have this urge to tell you guys that no matter what, you gotta have faith and be strong.

For my age, I'm still young. Yet, I went through alot. The job experiences I had, the people I met, places I went to, are all countless and precious. Some might hurt a little but they're still precious. As a saying goes, what kills you only makes you stronger. Well, this sickness could kill me, this pain is unbearable but I know that I am strong enough to go through this. If I can be strong, if I could discipline myself to take my medicines and accept reality, why can't you?

People complain about the littlest things in life, about things they can not get. For once, why don't you try embracing or should I say accepting what you have. Appreciating those around you. Start now. You will never know when will they pass on. You will never know when will be the next time you see someone or experience the same thing again. Nothing's the same, everyone differs, everyone will encounter different things, everyone will have different problems.

One thing for sure, just live your life. Even though you have setbacks, downfalls, just live your life and be happy. Life is about you. Not about what people think about you. Just remember that. Okay? :)
Sunday, May 20, 2012 @ 7:55 PM

You know how much I love cats right? This is my favourite cat, carpet. Well we call him carpet cause the bulu(fur) is like those furry furry carpet. Hahahahah! I have story to share about this one! I was resting on my bed, feeling all feverish and stuff yesterday. Mum was talking to me and when she opened my room door, we found carpet in the living room just outside my bedroom! It is so unbelievable cause well, first we didn't hear the tingtong sound from the lift area so how the hell did this cat find our house and went in right??? I mean seriously, we live on the 11th floor, I'm still wondering why this cat didn't meow or whatever, at least beri salam lah ish ish! BUT seriously cute sia, I think he wants to visit us both because he knows we're sick. Hahah! :P Haih I miss carpet already. Love you <3
@ 7:42 PM

Hai-dee! :D Ah you guys must be curious what I've been up to right? Well I've been busy as usual but I'm sick too. I'm down with diarrhea, fever and cough. I've been having this cough since 2 weeks ago and I just went to the docs on friday. My fever is still very high. It's been three days straight. The doctor said that I can't eat any spicy food, drink any dairy products, etc etc. There are so many restrictions I've been starving myself a lot and not eating well. Especially for breakfast, I would always feel like vomitting after eating toast/biscuits! My mum just went through an operation, I'm glad she's fine but I kinda feel guilty because well, I should be taking care of her instead of her taking care of me and worrying about me. She's a strong lady, so I should be strong as well nah? :)

I'll be having my 4th major project soon, attachment and then, FYP. Omg time flies so fast! And I haven't even do my portfolio. I've been illustrating a lot for my ABC game instead. Sometimes I just focus on something too much I suppose. Haih but it's okay, I can do this. Take care people! Everyone's getting sick due to the weather, so drink loadsa plain water no matter how much you hate it. Hohoho. Goodbye goodnight!
@ 7:35 PM
art changes everything.

Shucks, I suddenly miss Art. I miss painting on the canvas to kill time, because that's what I love to do most. You know sometimes I have this dream to buy some canvas, do some art and actually sell em or just hang my artwork in my house just like an art gallery. That'd be really awesome.

Well you know, there are so many things that I want to achieve in life. I don't give my best to everything but I'm able to do almost everything. Wait, did that make sense? Hahahah! BUT ya, I could adapt to things pretty well but sometimes, I do have my flaws. Imma misguided person, sometimes I plan and imagine things that are impossible, because I love challenges but i know that sometimes things could go wrong. Cause well, I've experienced some downfalls, but to me it's all worth the pain and suffering. At least I've learnt something out of it. Especially about my weaknesses and strengths. 

Sometimes, I think money is everything. With money I could shop all day and buy the stuffs i want and need!  Esp all em branded goods! I could even go on road trips and bring along my friends and family with me! I'm materialistic yes I admit that , but I care for others too. If I was a rich girl, I would donate my money to charity, set up homes for the needy. I want to be someone who will change the world. Someone who is able to change other's perspectives regarding political issues and people. But I've had it all planned out, like after graduation, imma work work work, license, rent cars, go for dance/vocal classes, do something crazy and fun and just enjoy my time while I'm alive. 

Stress is definitely not in my book. I hate to stress myself you know? That is why you rarely see me getting all depressed no matter how tired I am with school. Remember, always have a positive outlook in life. Ciao!